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2. Select Add to Bag if you want to continue shopping. To view the items that you have added, click on the SHOPPING BAG button at the top right of the page and select Check Out when you have finished selecting the product.
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4. Once the order is placed, the payment charge along with the Order ID will be automatically sent to your email.
For now, we only receive payment by Bank Transfer. Choose your payment method:  e-banking, m-banking, cash transfer or ATM payment.
5. Confirm your payment in the payment confirmation section of our website or contact our Line ID: @shop.inc (use @) or Whatsapp:+6281 227 02 7778 within 48 hours since your order request.
6. Now, you only need to wait patiently until your package arrives!
If you have experiencing difficulties, please contact our Line ID: @shop.inc (use @) or Whatsapp:+6281 227 02 7778 for further assistance.