Terms of Return, Delivery Error, Refund:

  1. Return due to incorrect size can be made as long as the product is still in the original / nor dirty / tag installed and as long as stock is still available and free of charge.
  2. If the stock of products to be exchanged is not available, it is possible to replace with another product or refund.
  3. The product redeem is sent back to our address up to 2x24 hours after the packet is received by the customer by informing us to make a note first.
  4. The second product redemption on the same order ID, is possible, with return shipping cost from our address to your address fully borne by the customer.
  5. Error of delivery or damage to the goods received due to defects in production, please inform us to make replacement products with return shipping cost borne by us worth JNE Regular.
  6. Return due out of the above condition, are possible, with a reduced shipping cost for the previous package.
  7. Refund process is done maximum 1x24 hours on working hours with proof of transfer that can be requested via Line or email.
  8. Damage and Loss caused by delivery courier (JNE), beyond our responsibility.
  9. However, customer can avoid this by using the services of insurance from JNE. Loss of package during shipment, will be replaced full 100% according to the nominal product, with the following calculation: 0.2% x nominal product + IDR 5.000,00
  10. The cost of insurance is fully borne by the customer by informing us before the parcel is shipped to be recorded in advance.
  11. In the event of a booking error by the customer, and the goods have been shipped. Can be retur by subtracting backward packet delivery charges.